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Celebrating death

Dia De Los Muertos

You know what? I think death isn't celebrated enough.

Yes, of course, it's a sad and devastating experience. But as a general phenomenon, in isolation from personal tragedies, it's just fascinating!

We tend to imagine the concept of “death” as a synonym of destruction, emptiness and total annihilation.

But think about it that way: there's no evolution without death. Bilions, trillions, maybe quadrilions organisms have died since the beginning of life on Earth – but Earth is not dead, is it? It's thriving. It's full of life.

Milions of cells die every single day in your body alone – constantly being replaced by new ones.

Death isn't just destruction. We can also see it as merely a step in the process that results in proliferation and development of life.

Isn't this universe wonderful?