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A Series of Unfortunate Events

Count Olaf

Neil Patrick Harris is pure awesomeness. He was awesome as Barney, awesome as the host of the Tony Awards, and now – he’s awesome as Count Olaf.

The series makes it quite easy to distance yourself from the horrifying events that are happening in the plot – everything is so campy, colours so saturated, all the characters so sharp and solid, events so unrealistic...

It really makes you feel like you’re watching a strange mix between a horror and a fairy tale. Sure, what happens to the orphans is sad, but doesn’t really make you feel sad. It’s happening nowhere, in some not so specific time, in some locations that seem to be torn apart from each other. Dry and dark humour is soaking through every episode.

The opening theme song tells you not to watch the series, because the story is gonna be so awful, but you know they don’t really mean it. There will sure be some Hollywood happy ending after a season of bittersweet struggles, won’t it?

Spoiler: apparently not. The author of the book must have taken some sadistic pleasure from keeping the reader (or in this case the viewer) suspended between a horror and a fairy tale, constantly feeding them with hope, and then brutally shattering it to pieces. I felt utterly betrayed by the plot. That’s not what I signed up for! Except it was... They warned me, didn’t they?

The series will certainly provide a lot of emotions. It is refined in every inch, from the plot, the dialogues and contemporary references, to the amazing scenes and stunning acting. Worth watching, without a doubt!


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